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Senior Vice President for Strategic Industry Relations

William Hinkle is Senior Vice President of Strategic Industry Relationships at Intrado. With over thirty prior years of public safety communications experience, Mr. Hinkle served as Director of Communications for the Hamilton County Department of Communications in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The consolidated center serves 106 police, fire, and EMS agencies in 46 political jurisdictions.

Mr. Hinkle is a Past President of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA).  During his presidency Mr. Hinkle served as a member of a United States Department of Trade and Development delegation to Riga, Latvia, to assist eastern block countries with improvements to their public safety communications infrastructures.  He has also provided international assistance to governments in Bogot·, Columbia and Quito, Ecuador.  

In 2006 the Governor appointed Mr. Hinkle to the newly created State of Ohio 9-1-1 Council for a 3 year term.  Mr. Hinkle was elected to serve as Chairman. He served as a subject matter expert to the Department of Homeland Security, Safecom Program, engaged in developing National Guiding Principles to address interoperability communications issues at the local, state, federal level. In addition, Mr. Hinkle was the founding Chairman of APCO’s Public Safety Foundation of America (PSFA) and Project LOCATE.

Mr. Hinkle is currently serving as an advisor to the US Department of Transportation’s, Transportation Safety Advisory Group (TSAG), and Chairs the 9-1-1 Call Center Program for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). 



By Bill Hinkle|September 7, 2012

September 11, 2001: A Day of Contradictions

(Mr. Hinkle was representing NENA in Washington, DC on that day in the Hart Senate Building while attending the “9-1-1 Report Card to America” press conference.)

As another September 11 approaches, we still contemplate the destruction and senseless loss of so many lives. True to the human spirit, we continue to look for glimmers of meaning to help us find something positive in an otherwise horrific day.

There was something almost symbolic in the fact that this act of terrorism occurred on national 9-1-1 Emergency Number Day - a day that symbolizes a nation’s commitment to protecting people. Are there any two more contrasting events? One symbolizes people dedicated to destroying life; the other honors those who have dedicated their hearts to helping to save lives. Perhaps even more prophetic was that September 11, 2001 had been selected for a press conference held in Washington, DC  to celebrate National 9-1-1 Day and the publication of the first comprehensive report on the health of America’s
9-1-1 system.